PETBUCKs — Uniting Americas’ Rescue Mission

About 4 million healthy pets are subject to euthanasia annually, in the US alone.

PETBUCKs is a non-profit fundraising engine that unites social networking and the efforts of its grassroots animal welfare member organizations for the common cause of saving homeless pets and eliminating pet overpopulation.

Our purpose is to:

  • Build the capacity of our member organizations to ensure the forever home placement of homeless pets
  • Prevent the birth of unwanted animals
  • Create social awareness and change around pet overpopulation

What we do:

  • Raise donations from the general public through a web-based engine that allows for the sponsorship of actual homeless pets
  • Distribute donations to our member organizations for the care of their pets
  • Partner with corporate donors to extend the reach and impact of each dollar raised

PETBUCKs enables the sponsoring of real homeless pets that are in the care of our member organizations, in shelters, with rescue fosters and in sanctuaries. Sponsorship provides critical time for the animals – the time they need to find their forever homes and avoid needless euthanasia. PETBUCKs' member organizations will post their adoptable pets' profiles with periodic updates to sponsoring individuals, including news of the pets’ eventual adoption into safe, loving homes made possible by donor support.

One-time donations may also be made to support our member organizations' ongoing pet care and spay/neuter services, as well as pet overpopulation awareness and social change programs.

While PETBUCKs core fundraising efforts are driven by ongoing sponsorship, seeking to drive a sustainable level of fund raising for unwanted animals, it also focuses on creating awareness around pet overpopulation and provision of low cost spay/neuter for animals, in order to drive at the prevention of this grave issue.

Additionally, PETBUCKs commits to a distribution goal of 85 cents on every dollar raised through individual sponsors to its member organizations, and will strive for a distribution of 100 cents on the dollar through corporate donors and alliances over time.

In gratitude for their support PETBUCKs sponsors will receive iconic PETBUCKs pet tags, giving them access to coupons provided by our corporate donors.


What a brilliant plan to harness the power of donations for the care of our furry little friends.

Paula Shaw
Salt Lake City, Utah