Membership is FREE for eligible Animal Welfare Organizations

PETBUCKs is a non-profit fundraising engine that unites social networking and the efforts of its grassroots animal welfare member organizations for the common cause of saving homeless pets and eliminating pet overpopulation.

Our member organizations are typically non-profit rescue groups, shelters or sanctuaries that are working tirelessly towards the common cause of putting and end to the euthanasia of millions of healthy, homeless animals each year. There are literally thousands of these types of organizations in the US today; many of them in desperate need of more funding. They are often run 100 percent by volunteers and even when there are paid staff, the volunteers make up a significant portion of the work force. It's these organizations that understand working with animals hands on and the resources it takes to get them healthy and re homed; and more importantly that are also capable of making this happen. The main shortfall in the fight for saving homeless pets' lives is resource.

The receipts we receive from our sponsors, less fundraising and administrative costs, are passed through to our member organizations. We are excited to enable the extension of our member organizations' fundraising efforts, creating more resources and allowing more of their teams' time and focus on the animals. This is generally their core competency and there is a vast infrastructure in place to help save animals at this time. With additional resources and through uniting our efforts, we will create further awareness around pet overpopulation and help to end the unnecessary killing of healthy, homeless animals.

For interested members please see our partner eligibility criteria and our partner application.

We proudly present our partners and thank them for all of the amazing work that they do in helping to save pets' lives.


Thank you PETBUCKs for helping animal rescue shelters do what they do best. I feel great knowing I can help save a Pets life!

Julie Cochrane
Rhode Island