PETBUCKs Member Eligibility Criteria

All of our Animal Welfare Organizations are subject to the criteria below, which demonstrate their commitment to the humane treatment of animals, community, ethics & transparency, and excellence in execution & teamwork.

Humane Treatment of Animals

  • Pets must be spayed/neutered, must have recommended vaccinations and be maintained in good health.
  • Pets must be treated humanely and sheltered in clean facilities, with no undue stress placed on the animals.
  • The number of animals kept by any one foster will be reasonable and in compliance with applicable, local ordinances.

Ethics & Transparency

  • The organization should have an ethics policy or operate ethically, with strict adherence to its guiding principles.
  • The organization is run in a fiscally responsible manner and a minimum of 85% of its receipts are applied to the cause, unless otherwise approved by PETBUCKs.
  • One-hundred percent (100%) of PETBUCKs' distributions will be used by the member organizations to help care for and save the lives' of its animals.

Excellence in Execution & Teamwork

  • The organization will be accountable for creating and maintaining PETBUCKs profiles for each pet posted for sponsorship. Pet profiles must be updated at least monthly by the 21st of the month
  • Profiles and profile updates will be relevant and comply with PETBUCKs' standards and guidelines.
  • The organization must assign a PETBUCKs profile coordinator, who will be accountable to ensure profiles are current, updated monthly and relevant.
  • The member organization must provide an inbound link to PETBUCKs' Homepage from its website in the following manner: (Not ready to adopt? Sponsor one of our pets in need now via PETBUCKs). PETBUCKs is to provide the ad for the link.


  • The organization must be a non-profit organization, up to date on all required agency and governmental filings, and in compliance with the laws of its jurisdiction.

Are you an Animal Welfare Organization that meets the criteria above and would like to become part of the PETBUCKs family? If so please fill out our Member Application and we will contact you.


What a brilliant plan to harness the power of donations for the care of our furry little friends.

Paula Shaw
Salt Lake City, Utah