Making a one-time donation also helps to save lives

The core of PETBUCKs' fundraising engine is its ongoing sponsors, which help to sustain our vision to end the unnecessary killing of healthy, homeless animals. We understand that this is not always the best alternative for our donors and also welcome one-time donations.

Your one time donation helps to provide:

Life saving shelter and find five or more pets forever homes
The spay or neuter 3 homeless pets
Vaccinations and life saving veterinary care for one pet
Social awareness and change for the prevention of pet overpopulation
and animal welfare

And if you're feeling really passionate about the unnecessary killing of healthy, homeless animals you can donate any amount you choose and PETBUCKs will find the best way to help as many animals as possible.

Ready to donate? You have two options:

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I am so excited! Not everyone can adopt a pet and bring it home but ANYONE can sponsor a pet to provide a better life!

Brenda Cummings
Salt Lake City, Utah