Dear Gabby - the voice of our best friends stories and more

Gabby was part of the inspiration for PETBUCKs. Despite the near death experience she and her brother Archie had very early in life, she is very normal, smart and healthy dog. Many are under the misconception that rescue animals are damaged goods, when in fact, more than 90 percent of animals entering shelters are perfectly suitable and deserving of a second chance at life.

Hi, my name's Gabby.

You know, I was rescued at about four weeks old off a front porch where I was found with my brother Archie. We lived in an amazing home with a wonderful foster mom but you know at that time we were sick and she got us the help we needed, to get healthy and happy again. If she hadn't we would have died.

I've got a lot of personality and a lot of spunk and now I'm in my for ever home and I'm just loving my life. I was lucky to go to a home with my brother Archie and 2 other great pets, Lucas and Zorro.

I want other healthy, homeless animals like myself to have the same chance that I have, so I'm here to help. I'm excited about PETBUCKs and everything exciting it will bring to rescue animals like myself. See Dear Gabby for accounts of my life and other great rescue stories. Rescue animals are amazingly resilient and all deserve to find their forever home.

So long!

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Thank you PETBUCKs for helping animal rescue shelters do what they do best. I feel great knowing I can help save a Pets life!

Julie Cochrane
Rhode Island